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Sammie writes: "My dog just loves Happy Dogs treats. His favorite so far is Peanut Butter and Honey Bits. I just bought some Rawhide Bagels to try...they sure look tasty."

Michael writes: "These biscuits are awsome. My dog loves them and cannot get enough. Her training is now going great. Thank You."

Mirna writes: "My 10-year-old German Shepard absolutely loves them; whether it is the Pumpkin Pie or the Bacon Cheeseburger, it does not matter he loves all the treats."

Ariana writes: "After trying so many different treats, we finally found healthy ones that do not make our dogs break out in rashes. She loves the Lamb and Sweet Potato Pie flavor. She will do almost anything for her treats.  Thank You so much."

Tom writes: "My Bull Mastiff has finally found a treat he likes and will listen to his commands while waiting for one.  I reccommend everyone try the Roasted Trachea.  His arthritis seems to have calmed down after only 2 months. Please let your other customers know."

Carol writes: "My Yorkies are now spoiled rotten wanting more treats all the time. At least they are healthy treats."

Jeff writes: "My 2 labs-4 and 6 year olds are learning new tricks and commands from your treats. Thank you! We can teach old dogs new tricks!"

Loni writes: "The customer service is so remarkable! The well- trained vendor manning the booth helped me pick out the perfect treat."

Erica writes: "I am so glad that I found Happy Dog Bakery because my service dog has been able to fine tune his skills by being rewarded with treats from Happy Dog Bakery."

Oakley LOVES his birthday treat!

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